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Luxury Machu Picchu Tours

Luxury  Machu Picchu Tours sponsored by Inca Destinations

Expert planners creating an innovative luxury customized cutting-edge tailor-made tour packages to Cusco, Machu Picchu and Inca Destinations to deliver you an unforgettable and lively experience an alternative estructured  in detail, vacation designers creating unforgettable experiences. Inca Destinations is a Luxury Travel Agency that was founded to introduce you to the Inca Cosmo vision, and give you a clear perspective of our Great Inca Civilization, outstanding Astronomy and state of the art architecture. What we offer is to reveal the mystery of its greatness. Delight all our Tour Packages designed by experienced tour consultants, our local native staff of  tour guides that are going to lead you to all the remarkable Inca Destinations.

Traveling is the most pleasant ways of experimenting transpose , the idea of exploring ancient archaeological sites Like the Inca Destinations full of mystery and entering into the different Andean perspective where magical rituals that ancient inhabitants that conceived on their minds their own Cosmo vision of this world; Inca Civilization is one of the greatest all over the world, developed as a result a long process of evolution and highly influenced by earlier ethnic groups, that developed technology forced by the several environmental areas, located in a hostile area, Luxury Machu Picchu Tours  open an imaginary bridge that will connect you straight to the heart of Incas, Cusco the navel of the world, and the maximum expression of Inca Engineering , Architecture , Innovation and a truly prove on Andean inventive Machu Picchu. All our Luxury tailor-made tours were designed to be an alternative of exclusiveness, luxurious, and exquisite excursions by Inca Destinations a luxuriant style of traveling on.

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What to bring
Best time to travel to Cusco in Peru
Detailed information related with months and seasons
Suggested by Luxury Machu Picchu Tours
Based on farming activities in the Peruvian Highlands a year is divided in two long periods Dry season from May through September and the Wet season from October through March
The months September, October, November and December have a nice average temperature.
Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in January, February, March and December.
Cusco has dry periods in May, June, July, August and September.
Global warming has affected the Peruvian highlands it is getting more and warmer than 5 years ago, the warmest months could be considered September and October.
January has been considered the wettest month.
By the other hand June has been yet the driest month.
Lowest temperature is 26oF not too bad considering Cusco’s elevation 11,000 feet over sea level. Machu Picchu has mild weather , it has semi tropical weather The proximity to the equator line makes possible nice weather 11 degrees 9 minutes latitude south. Even though is not too cold , do not bring heavy jackets instead of bring layers and a good windbreaker, because there is a chilly wind in the afternoon.
During the rainy season is mandatory to bring a Raincoat or better raingear.
Comfortable shoes, sneakers with a good grip specially for hiking, and just to remind you , Machu Picchu is located at the rain forest it’s a spot with hundreds of stairways.
Sun block is highly advisable and mosquitoes repellent for Machu Picchu area there is a lot of growing vegetation and bugs, mosquitoes, bees, wasp etc that you will need to keep them away.
No dengue or Malaria so you do not need the yellow card.


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Our Home page was designed to appreciate how intensely spiritual Machu Picchu  is, the perspective changes as high as you get to one of the peaks particularly this was taken from 10,080 feet and at the same time to introduce you to the Inca Cosmo vision the beauty of the place was introduced to reverence that the Incas felt for the landscape well explained on the Sacred Land series theories , and give you a clear vision of our Great Civilization, outstanding Astronomy the place was constructed  based on astronomical alignments , evidently one of the most  remarkable feature is Inca state of the art architecture. Long before Spaniards arrival a unique splendorous Ethnic group had developed at Cusco valley. What we offer is to reveal the mystery of its greatness; our staff and Tour Guides are the most knowledgeable in the region. What we created is a cutting –edge customized tailored-made tour packages to deliver you an unforgettable and lively experience. A luxurious alternative of luxury.


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We are specialists in designing  Luxury tailor-made tours to Machu Picchtu and Cusco the holliest City in the Universe for the Inca Civilization and other fascinating archeological sites in Cusco. Our trips combine fabulous scenery and andean landscapes , roaming ancient Inca sites and a vibrant and brilliant culture, revealing secrets related with Andean religion,interacting with native descendants, people predating and still wearing their characteristic costumes and living the traditional lifestyles handed down the generations a mixture of  historical and cultural mixed with elegance , confort ,luxurious and adventure , we conclude summarizing we create an unforgettable experience....